Clear, Water Based Epoxy-Polyurethane Sealers


Hard wearing, 40% solids, oil proof, chemically resistant, antidusting sealer with a matt-satin finish.

Low VOC, low odour formulation, ideal for multistorey car parks and lower cost exposed aggregate finishes in shopping complexes. Suitable for external use in service areas.

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HYCHEM 100W is a clear sealer for concrete and asphaltic surfaces with very high solvent and wear resistance.

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Hard wearing, oil proof, chemically resistant, antidusting sealer with a gloss finish. High 60% solids Low VOC formula, with fast cure time. Suitable for warehouses, car parks & exposed aggregate finishes in shopping centres.

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Water based polyurethane sealer available in matt & gloss finishes, designed for use as a topcoat over the HYCHEM 100 & 120 sealers where UV colour stability is of high importance.

Use of this sealer as a topcoat can also improve resistance to marring as a result of high pedestrian traffic.

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Clear, water-based epoxy primer and sealer, with excellent adhesion to green concrete.

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The performance solution for

  • Asphalt pavements
  • Concrete car parks
  • SL Cement toppings
  • Exposed aggregate concrete
  • Porous concrete slabs
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