Trafficable Methacrylate and Polyurethane Membrane Systems

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Deckproof PU Primer Solvent free, low viscosity 2 component UV stable polyurethane coatin. 10% elongation. Deckproof PU Basecoat Solvent free, elastomeric 2 component membrane coating. 50% elongation. Deckproof PU Midcoat Solvent free, tough semi-elastic 2 component coating for maximum wear resistance. 10% elongation. Deckproof PU Topcoat High gloss, 80% solids, 1 component abrasion resistant UV [...]

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An analagous system to DECKPROOF PU but based on methylmethacrylate resins which provides very fast cures, allowing the system to be used for car parks, railway stations and bridge decks.

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