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Car Parks

A series of construction joint sealants, concrete hardeners & densifiers, dust sealers, coatings and heavy duty toppings used to either repair, protect and make safe new or old floor and wall surfaces as well as movement joints. Ideal for areas where constant traffic, aggressive chemicals or work practices would otherwise wear out or destroy untreated concrete surface

Hychem offer various systems designed to cope with regular heavy vehicular traffic which can brighten & beautify your environment as well as protect concrete surfaces from abrasion & staining and at the same time make safe otherwise dangerous surfaces. We also have a range of trafficable waterproof membranes available for wet area & rooftop applications.


Queens Car Park, Brisbane

Coating new car park surfaces has only recently become a feasible option with the formulation of a product like Hychem SF25 which is a coloured water based epoxy coating designed to provide an attractive, bright & glossy finish along with excellent durability and stain resistance. This enabled the owners of this car park to offer their clients and tenants a welcoming and pleasant environment to park their cars in whilst at the same time protecting their own asset from wear and tear and contamination. Hychem SF25 was specifically formulated to offer an economical and spray applied alternative to conventional roller applied epoxies. The savings and results speak for themselves. Hychem SF25 has also been tested and is “Green Star” compliant due to its low VOC content.

Common Applications


  • Broad area carpark surfaces & ramps
  • Waterproofing rooftop decks
  • Safety markings
  • Anti-slip surfaces
  • Anti-abrasion protection in busy traffic aisles
  • Toilets, change & shower room
  • Plant rooms and service corridors


  • Anti-dusting ensures a cleaner environment.
  • Anti-slip and safe – available in a number of safety colours & textures for any application.
  • Attractive, bright & reflective colours to ensure a clean and pleasant work environment.
  • Resurfacing of old, worn, corroded or dangerous surfaces.
  • Seamless flooring finishes to provide industrial grade coating’s or topping’s where required.
  • Fully sealed – impervious, dust free, oil resistant protection for concrete surfaces.
  • Durable – abrasion resistant systems designed to cope with heavy traffic in the harshest of environments offering long term concrete protection.
  • Waterproof.

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E300 SL

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GP Epoxy



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