Concrete Sealers and Coatings

Hychem’s extensive range of sealers and coatings are designed to protect and decorate concrete surfaces across all industries.

Concrete Sealers and Coatings for Floors

Clear Sealers and Primers – Products:

  • Hychem WE70 – Clear, water-based epoxy sealer
  • Hychem Hardenseal – Lithium based concrete densifier
  • Hychem Epoxy Glaze 2 – 100% solids, clear epoxy
  • Hychem Polyglaze NY – Single-component UV-Stable Polyurethane
  • Hychem PU Glaze 2 – 2-component UV-Stable Polyurethane
  • Hychem PU100 – 2-component water-based UV-Stable Polyurethane, available in matte or gloss
  • Hychem PA500 – Rapid-setting UV-Stable Polyaspartic
  • Hychem Hyglaze – High-solids, 2-component UV-Stable Polyurethane
  • Hychem Supaseal – Single-component UV-Stable Polyurethane
  • Hychem E100 – Epoxy primer for damp/green concrete
  • Hychem E500P – Pore-filling epoxy primer
  • Hychem GP – General purpose epoxy primer


Coloured Coatings – Products:

  • Hychem WE90 – Water-based epoxy coating with excellent adhesion to green concrete
  • Hychem Supafloor – 100% solids self-smoothing epoxy coating
  • Hychem Supafloor T – 100% solids epoxy coating with textured/stipple finish
  • Hychem Supashield – 100% solids self-smoothing epoxy coating with simple, convenient mixing ratio
  • Hychem SF20 – 100% solids epoxy coating with good UV-resistance properties
  • Hychem SF20V – 100% solids epoxy coating for vertical surfaces
  • Hychem SF20FG – heavy-duty epoxy coating with in-built fine grit for slip-resistance
  • Hychem SF32 – 100% solids epoxy coating with excellent resistance to water spotting in cool conditions
  • Hychem SF25 – economical waterbased epoxy coating
  • Hychem PA300 – Rapid setting UV-stable coloured Polyaspartic 
  • Hychem TL6 – Chemically resistant epoxy lining for bunded areas
  • Hychem TL9 –  Chemically resistant Novolac epoxy lining for bunded areas
  • Hychem Viasol Voltex – ESD and Anti-Static flooring solutions

















Hychem Extensive Range of Epoxy Floor Colours

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