Decorative Flooring and Overlays

Hychem’s range of decorative flooring and overlayments provide customisable, high-strength, durable flooring solutions.

Decorative Flooring and Overlays

Our Products:

  • Hy-Flake – Decorative epoxy and polyurethane flake floor system
  • Terrazzacrete – Customisable decorative overlay with marble aggregate
  • Velosit SL503 – Grey, high-strength polishable overlay
  • Velosit SL505 – White, high-strength polishable overlay
  • Velosit SC244 – High-strength overlay with fine aggregates to create ‘salt and pepper’ finish
  • Microtopping – An innovative microcement that renews every surface with just 3 milimetres
  • Architop – A microcement topping with industrial appearance


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We can help with PU concrete sealers, epoxy coatings, epoxy sealants, polished concrete epoxy flooring, anti-slip epoxy coatings and more.

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