Clear Polyurethane Water-Based Concrete Sealers

We can help if you need clear polyurethane water-based concrete sealers for your site. Hychem Epoxy Solutions is a leading supplier of high-grade products and we always deliver standout results. Our experts can improve both the durability and attractiveness of your floors while making them easier to clean. Get in touch today and enjoy better safety standards and reduce risk with an anti-slip water-based epoxy resin.

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We serve a comprehensive cross-section of private & public sectors throughout Australia by supplying quality epoxy floor paint.

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Hychem Epoxy Solutions is proudly Australian owned and operated. This means that we work with customers across the country to deliver the best outcomes when it comes to the longevity, aesthetics and safety of floors.

We have a wide range of water-based epoxy resins and concrete sealers available. 

Our water-based polyurethane sealer comes in matt & gloss finishes, designed for use as a topcoat over the HYCHEM 100 & 120 sealers where UV colour stability is of high importance. Use of this sealer as a topcoat can also improve resistance to marring as a result of high pedestrian traffic.

We also have hard wearing, oil proof, chemically resistant, anti dusting sealers with a gloss finish. High 60% solids Low VOC formula, with fast cure time. Suitable for warehouses, car parks & exposed aggregate finishes in shopping centres.

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