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A series of decorative architectural finishes, concrete sealers, coatings and heavy duty toppings used to either repair, decorate, protect and make safe new or old floor and wall surfaces. Ideal for areas which require and attractive resin floor finish or a polished concrete surface or where aggressive chemicals, traffic or work practices would otherwise destroy untreated concrete surfaces.

Hychem offer various systems designed to cope with heavy foot, trolley & vehicular traffic, aggressive chemicals, constant moisture, a range of temperatures and high pressure cleaning to ensure that your floor remains in service, safe and hygienic.


Style Homemaker Centre, Alexandria

This project called for an “Exposed Aggregate” concrete finish throughout the shopping centre public areas. Hychem came up with the economical but extremely durable system of 2 initial coats of our Hychem 100 water based clear epoxy sealer followed by one coat of the Hychem PU100 water based, non yellowing, gloss polyurethane topcoat. These products were chosen due to their excellent adhesive and wear properties whilst at the same time being water based and user friendly. Rather than recommend a high solvent content coating which creates such issues as odour, flammability, etc. we decided to pursue the environmentally friendly water based option.

Since this project both products have been tested and endorsed as “Green Star” compliant.

Common Applications

  • General merchandise retailing
  • Food courts & servery areas
  • Car park dust sealers, safety coatings and trafficable waterproof membranes
  • Shopping mall areas
  • Food preparation areas in fast food outlets, supermarkets, food retailers, etc.
  • Commercial kitchens and bars
  • Plant rooms and service corridors
  • Garbage rooms
  • Back of house service corridors
  • Toilets, change & shower rooms
  • Warehousing & distribution areas
  • Loading docks


  • An attractive range of clear & coloured finishes available.
  • Anti-slip and safe – available in a number of safety colours & textures for any application.
  • Various finishes available for either general retailers or food preparation and cooking areas.
  • Fully sealed – impervious, anti-bacterial toppings.
  • Durable – designed to cope with heavy traffic in the harshest of environments offering long term concrete protection.

Product Data Sheets


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