June 10, 2020

Sunbury water treatment plant, Victoria

The design- Hychem worked with Western Water and a consulting engineer to assist with the structural design of 9 water treatment tanks over approx. 2000m2. To reinstate the tanks a design thickness of 40mm+ of high strength mortar and coatings was specified.

Product- A combination of Velosit high strength mortar and Geocast was wet/dry spray applied at 40mm. The mortar was then coated with Velosit WP120 sealant @ 2mm. Over 180 pallets of Hychem product was delivered and applied on site.


Concrete prepared and primed ready for 40mm of Velosit RM204 and Geocast.

Velosit RM 204 wet sprayed at 40mm thick

Velosit WP120 provides the final coat at 2mm