Reducing slip hazards in the workplace

Unsealed or deteriorated concrete flooring increases the risk of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. Trips can occur even if there is a change of one centimetere or less in flooring height, while flooring which is too smooth or glossy can cause slips, especially when there are spillages or other contaminants present. Renewing and [...]

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A flexible solution for plywood floors

Plywood is not your typical flooring substrate to apply epoxy on. While adhesion to the substrate is not a problem with correct preparation, flexibility and movement are. In order to apply epoxy to plywood, clients need to work closely with the manufacturer and applicator to ensure they are getting a solution that works best for [...]

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Come see us at WIOA VIC

Hychem will be exhibiting at WIOA VIC in Bendigo from 5-6 September at the Bendigo Exhibition Centre. Visit us at booth #99 to discuss our range of high performance concrete sealers to repair, seal, and protect water and wastewater infrastructure from corrosion.

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Preventing degradation of reinforced concrete water structures

Reinforced concrete is commonly used for construction in the water industry due to its high durability and ability to sustain stress from vibrations, winds and external forces. However, if left unprotected, chemical and physical influences can cause severe degradation. The key to extending the life of reinforced concrete water assets is installing an appropriate protective [...]

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Meeting the demands of the automotive industry

Motor workshops are a demanding environment, with the floor subject to damage by frequent heavy traffic, oil and chemicals, and impacts. It is important that workshop floors are well maintained and protected to reduce damage, and to ensure they remain safe and aesthetically pleasing. Motor workshops are subject to harsh conditions which can affect the [...]

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Taking the shock out of flooring

Warehouse storage racking is an essential component in the modern logistics industry but it is not without its risks. In areas where flammable and sensitive goods are kept, and sparks, fire and heat need to be avoided, measures need to be put in place to eliminate the chances of electrostatic discharge occurring. An appropriate floor [...]

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Come see us at WIOA QLD

Hychem will be exhibiting at WIOA QLD in Logan from 6-7 at the Logan Metro Sports Centre. Visit us at Site 23 to discuss our range of high performance concrete sealers to repair, seal, and protect water and wastewater infrastructure from corrosion.

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Protecting concrete with cementitious waterproofing slurries

Concrete is the most commonly used material in the construction industry. However, while it is durable, it is not unfailing, and if exposed to water, it can weaken over time. This is because concrete is porous, so water and other fluids can easily infiltrate the surface. To prevent this, and increase the longevity and durability [...]

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Tiles, vinyl and epoxy: Considerations when selecting commercial flooring

Whether it be offices, restaurants, medical facilities, retail or storage rooms, floors need to be durable. But each commercial space has different requirements and experience varying conditions, which means not every flooring solution will be right for your needs. Here we look at the pros and cons of three popular options - tiles, vinyl and [...]

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Finding Curly Flat’s flooring solution

Curly Flat Winery - located in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria - has been producing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at its on-site winery since 2002. When it was discovered that acid from the wine was corroding the floors in the production and crushing areas, Watertight Epoxy Floor Solutions was tasked with finding a protective coating that [...]

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