September 30, 2021

Hychem now providing complete infrastructure solutions with its acquisition of QuakeWrap

Australian owned and operated company Hychem has acquired QuakeWrap Australia, an innovative designer and supplier of quality Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products. The move allows Hychem to transition into a full service business, supplying a complete system of products for the repair and strengthening of infrastructure throughout Australia.

QuakeWrap Australia was established six years ago as a pioneering research and development firm, and now supplies bespoke engineering systems for the repair and strengthening of structures that have been proven nationally and internationally. 

During that time, numerous technologies have been patented by QuakeWrap including PileMedic for repair of deteriorated piles, SuperLaminate for spot repair of pressure pipes, StifPipe for repair of gravity or pressure pipes subjected to external gravity loads, InfinitPipe – a revolutionary on-site manufactured pipe – and SPiRe, a FRP sheet pile remediation system. It also imports a range of proven international technologies such as Synthetex, Centri-Cast, Carmel Corrosion Systems and Guardian Protective Coatings.

Turnkey solution for infrastructure remediation

More often than not, clients of Hychem have the need for the products and systems that QuakeWrap provided in order to achieve a complete solution, and vice versa. The existing synergies between both companies mean that they are now able to cater for the remediation of existing infrastructure with the combination of Hychem’s existing grout and epoxy solutions and QuakeWrap’s bespoke engineered products, providing clients with a bigger range of offerings.

QuakeWrap’s engineering team can also assist and sign off technical designs to complete the system offering, adding to Hychem’s capabilities to now provide clients with a complete engineering design specification through its in-house engineering department.

QuakeWrap’s General Manager Tony White said, “We were lucky enough that Hychem’s vision and our vision were aligned from the beginning. The complementary nature of our products meant that we could place those systems within Hychem’s existing range in order to achieve growth and expansion.”

Growing and evolving in the Australian market

The acquisition of QuakeWrap has also allowed Hychem to expand its reach within Australia, and the company is making the most of this opportunity to take its business to the next level.

“By taking QuakeWrap on board we have been able to expose our products and systems to a wider market,” Ludvik Kovacic, Managing Director of Hychem, said.

“We have seen this as a great opportunity to grow our business. We are currently employing more people and opening up new offices and warehouses interstate. We are investing in people, materials and really getting behind what we offer.”

Adapting to COVID challenges

Acquiring a new business and continuing to expand over state borders during the COVID pandemic posed their own unique challenges. Hychem and QuakeWrap have continued to succeed and expand despite the economic impacts of COVID-19.

“COVID has made us adapt and change with the markets. The lack of travel meant we could have become cut off from servicing some places, but our business plan of having guys on the ground has helped us grow in these tough times,” Tony said.

“It’s definitely shown that the acquisition is the right move in this tough climate, but also shows faith that Hychem wants to evolve and grow. It’s also testament to what we’re trying to achieve, because while most people are consolidating, we are growing and adding new warehousing and product ranges and stock holdings.

“It’s a tough time, but having good people and good products is what we’re about. It’s an exciting time, and it’s even more exciting for our clients, because we’re going to have some really good offerings as a group.”

Looking to the future

As a 100 per cent Australian-owned company, Hychem and QuakeWrap are putting all of their resources together to compete amongst tough international competition.

“We’re an Australian-owned company that started off as a small family business in 1987. And look where we are today,” Ludvik said.

“We are certainly going places, and who knows where we will finish up? Hychem has acquired QuakeWrap, and there may be other products and opportunities down the track – we are very open-minded.”

To view the full range of QuakeWrap products, visit https://quakewrap.com.au/

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