June 21, 2023

Long-term solution to costly car park refurbishment and maintenance

By nature, car parks are harsh environments that are constantly exposed to high volumes of traffic, extreme weather and other corrosive fluids that can put a heavy strain on its surface. These corrosive fluids can make their way through cracks and damage the floor, threatening the structural integrity of the building. Applying a waterproofing membrane, such as Hychem’s POLYAC system, to the surface can not only refurbish cracked and damaged trafficable surfaces, but also reduce the cost and amount of maintenance needed, and keep the surfaces safe and dry for users.


The trouble with water

One of the most threatening elements to the integrity and maintenance of a car park is water ingress. This is especially true of multi-level car parks where water leaks from the floors above can cause massive damage below. As the water on the surface makes its way through cracks and other surface damage, it can rust pipes, rot timber, weaken the car park’s foundations and cause hazardous mould. This is a costly problem to reverse once the damage is done.


Vital role of waterproofing

Hychem’s POLYAC BDM-M is a waterproofing membrane that provides a long-term solution to the maintenance and protection of car parks, while prolonging the lifetime of the surface. A waterproofing layer drastically reduces the risks of damage from water ingress, blistering, delamination and concrete spalling.

POLYAC BDM-M provides an extremely durable, waterproofing membrane that is easy to apply and highly reactive. It also offers crack bridging, which makes it perfect for refurbishing existing car parks and keeping maintenance costs down.


POLYAC in action

In 2018, Hychem’s POLYAC BDM-M system was used to refurbish 13,600m² of the Terminal 4 car park at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport. The car park surface was riddled with cracks and in need of a makeover. POLYAC BDM-M was used in conjunction with other POLYAC products on the top exposed level of the multi-level carpark. 

Not only will the POLYAC BDM-M protect the car park for water ingress and prolong its life span, but it is also available in a range of different colours to complement any aesthetic.

For more information on Polyac BDM-M, please contact Hychem on 1300 HYCHEM.

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