June 14, 2018

Meeting the demands of the automotive industry

Motor workshops are a demanding environment, with the floor subject to damage by frequent heavy traffic, oil and chemicals, and impacts. It is important that workshop floors are well maintained and protected to reduce damage, and to ensure they remain safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Motor workshops are subject to harsh conditions which can affect the safety and efficiency of the workplace.

Vehicles require a range of different fluids to keep working and it’s not unusual for leaks to occur or for oils, solvents and chemicals to be dropped during maintenance and repairs.

Any spills need to be able to be easily cleaned up to prevent accidents from happening, as well as protecting the concrete from absorbing fluids which leads to corrosion and staining.

Heavy traffic and impacts from tools or equipment being dropped also compromise the integrity of the concrete, leading to scratches, cracks and other damage which lends itself to corrosion and possible safety concerns for workers, as well as looking unaesthetic to any clients that may see the inside of the workshop.

In order to maintain a safe and efficient workplace, and prevent damage from occurring, an appropriate flooring solution needs to be installed to provide slip resistance, impact and wear resistance, and oil and chemical resistance, while also maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Designed for the automotive industry

Motor workshop owners are increasingly recognising the need for a protective coating that can provide a high level of impact resistance, coupled with aesthetic appeal and customisable slip resistance, to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.

Hychem MotorTuff is a heavy duty five layer automotive flooring system that can be applied at a thickness of between 5-6mm, and if applied correctly, provides a 10 plus year service life.

Chris Bauer, Head of Flooring at Hychem, said motor workshops too often fail due to having an inappropriate coating installed, leading to painful and time consuming maintenance and re-application.

“Unlike standard epoxy coatings, MotorTuff is specifically designed to meet the physical demands of the automotive industry.

“This system has the right balance of durability, cleanability, colour stability, and can be tailored to provide different degrees of slip resistance.”

Common injuries in motor workshops include slips, trips and falls, so a coating with anti-slip properties is needed to provide a safe work environment.

MotorTuff complies with the current AS 4586 – 2013 standard: Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface material and can be customised to meet a P4 rating.

“There are a number of fluids such as oil, solvents, petrol and chemicals which are also a problem as they can cause deterioration and staining to unprotected concrete,” Mr Bauer said.

“As MotorTuff creates a seamless coating, it is easy to clean any spills, stopping fluids from penetrating the concrete and causing corrosion and staining, as well as providing further protection from slips as mess can be quickly cleaned up.”

Mr Bauer said MotorTuff not only helps motor workshops maintain a clean environment but it has been designed to deeply penetrate the concrete to prevent chipping and delamination.

“If an inappropriate coating is applied, the coating can be damaged over time from heavy loads and falling tools or equipment. Damage such as scratches and cracks will allow fluids to reach the concrete, causing corrosion and coating delamination.

“MotorTuff’s thickness and high strength increases its impact and abrasion resistance which prevents damage from occurring.

“If the floor is damaged, it can be costly to fix, especially if it needs to be reapplied, but this is not the case with MotorTuff as, if it is applied correctly, you can have peace of mind that it will withstand damage and will not need to be reapplied for 10 plus years.”

Creating the aesthetic

Flooring aesthetics play a major role in the overall look and feel of a space, and construction resins provide a solution that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

As well as its practical benefits, MotorTuff will remain aesthetically pleasing.

“The entire system is completed with a UV stable, clear glaze coating so it won’t discolour, and it’s durability means it won’t be ruined by scratches and cracks which make a floor look old and deteriorated,” Mr Bauer said.

“There are also different colour options available so that owners can choose the colour they want.”

For more information on MotorTuff, call Hychem on (02) 4646 1660.

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