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Hotels, Clubs & Restaurants

A series of construction joint sealants, decorative floor finishes, concrete sealers, coatings and heavy duty toppings used to either repair, seal, protect and make safe new or old floor and wall surfaces. Ideal for areas where aggresive chemicals or work practices would otherwise destroy untreated concrete surfaces. Resin topping offer a distinct advantage over tiled or vinyl surfaces.

Hychem offer various systems designed to cope with heavy traffic, corrosive chemicals, hot fats & olis, constant moisture, a range of temperatures and high pressure cleaning to ensure that your floor remains in service, safe and hygienic.

Common Applications

  • Commercial kitchens and bars
  • Cool rooms & freezers
  • Food preperation areas
  • Plant rooms and service corridors
  • Chemical storage & bunded areas
  • Change & shower rooms
  • Administration & office areas
  • Storage & distribution areas
  • Loading docks


  • Anti-slip and safe – available in a number of safety colours & textures for any application.
  • Attractive, bright & reflective colours to ensure a clean and pleasant work environment.
  • Seamless – formed epoxy coving with a continuous floor finish ensure a seamless surface unlike tiles or vinyl where grout lines or welded joints can often conceal moisture, dirt and possibly harbour bacterial growth.
  • Resurfacing of old, corroded or dangerous surfaces.
  • Fully sealed – impervious, hygienic & anti-bacterial.
  • Durable – designed to cope with heavy traffic in the harshest of environments offering long term concrete protection.
  • Fast curing systems available to minimise down time.

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E300 SL

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GP Epoxy



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