PU Cement

Hycrete polyurethane cement is an ideal flooring solution for heavy duty manufacturing environments. Choose Hychem with the confidence that our flooring meets Australia’s strict food and safety requirements.

Typical areas & applications, 

  • Primers – Hychem Hycrete TC
  • Base coat / binder – Hychem Hycrete SL
  • Topcoats – Hychem Hycrete TC, Hychem Hycrete TC-UV


Hycrete PU cement is Hychem’s polyurethane flooring system, designed especially for use in industrial processing facilities that utilise heavy machinery. Our exclusive, world-leading antimicrobial Ultra-Fresh technology ensures that our PU cement flooring is resistant to bacteria, fungi, mould and mildew. Hycrete is HACCP Australia certified as a suitable floor surface for HACCP-based programs that operate within food and beverage facilities. With slip resistance, thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance, Hycrete PU cement floors are an ideal choice for when you need strength, durability and longevity in demanding environments.

Hychem’s polyurethane cement flooring is suitable for areas such as:

  1. Meat processing plants
  2. Dairy, food and beverage production facilities
  3. Warehouse and distribution centres
  4. Chemical and minerals processing plants
  5. Mining, ammonium nitrate storage facilities
  6. Chiller rooms
  7. Food waste/treatment plants
  8. Heavy engineering workshops
  9. Commercial kitchens and bars


Hycrete is Hychem’s toughest flooring solution. With exceptional fire resistance and a temperature range of –25°C to +120°C, you won’t find another flooring system that has been specifically designed to withstand the Australian climate. We offer a range of colours to suit a variety of environments and applications, and our pre-measured kits guarantee uniform consistency.

Discover our full range of polyurethane cement floor systems, including top coats, thermo shield and roll coat, or browse all of our flooring products. For assistance with your next project, get in touch with our experienced team today.


What is the best flooring for food production facilities?

Food processing and manufacturing facilities can benefit from polyurethane cement floors. This type of flooring system has proven to be the most effective way to protect against chemical spills and promote hygiene. PU cement flooring possesses nonslip and antibacterial properties, making it an ideal solution for fast-paced environments where food and beverages are handled.

What is the best flooring for cold floors?

Chiller rooms, such as those found in food production facilities, distribution centres and commercial kitchens often use polyurethane flooring. This prevents the floors from becoming slippery and allows pedestrians and machinery to move across the surface safely. PU cement flooring can be used in temperatures up to –25°C without distortion, unlike vinyl floors that can expand or contract under extreme temperatures.

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