October 24, 2016

Beyond the lab – keeping ahead of the trends

Keeping ahead of trends and knowing what customers need before they know they need it can help a business succeed. So what is the best way to find out what trends are out there and what others in your field are offering? Here we discuss how Hychem seeks out the best and most up-to-date technology for a wide range of coating needs.

Looking at the trade floor

Across the globe, trade shows are attended by thousands of visitors, eager to see the exhibitions and discover the latest coating products, as well as find investors and potential business partners. Those who attend are investing time and money into expanding their business and finding the products that will be of most benefit to their clients. With the latest technology on display, it is a look at the upcoming trends and future of an industry.

According to Colin Murphy, Product Manager for Hychem, trade shows have played an important role in allowing Hychem to make innovative products available in Australia.

“Some people might wonder why a company would invest money in attending a trade show when the internet makes it much easier to research new products.

“We find that it gives us a big picture view of the industry, allows us to discover emerging trends and product offerings for our existing markets and provides insight into new markets we might want to enter.

“Attending a trade show is also important as it allows human interaction which is very important for business. It provides an opportunity for us to develop trust with manufacturers, and lets us evaluate first hand the people and the products we will work with.”


Innovation in coatings for the water industry

Mr Murphy said he had travelled to a number of international trade shows in America and Europe, including the two biggest water industry trade shows – WEFTEC (Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference) and IFAT (the world’s leading trade fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management) – which had given him an intimate look at the future of coatings in the water industry.

“The global water industry market is diverse, and at various stages of success and development, with each country having its own set of requirements.

“These international trade shows and conferences are a melting pot of ideas and technologies where different concepts in water industry practices can be considered for our Australian conditions.

Understanding how other suppliers, manufacturers and contractors operate in large markets overseas provides great insight for us.

“I’ve found that many concepts used for infrastructure that service large populations in America and Europe can also be applied in Australia.”

Mr Murphy said that Hychem also exhibits at a number of Australian trade shows including WIOA (Water Industry Operators Association of Australia), AWA (Australian Water Association) and ACA (Australian Corrosion Association) where people from overseas come to discover for themselves the latest trends in coatings in Australia.

“I’ve seen it work in reverse, where some of Hychem’s coating technologies are desirable to people from across the world.

“This global sharing of technology is imperative to achieve the best and most durable solutions to the problems that affect all water assets.”

According to Mr Murphy, a recent trend at trade shows has been for products that help rehabilitate water assets near their shelf life – people are looking for products that are durable and will last a long time.

“I am seeing longevity becoming a priority in coating, which manufacturers are offering with a more tailored approach to the product requirements – something that Hychem excels in.”

Which product to choose?

Mr Murphy said Hychem are always looking for fresh approaches and ways that they can improve their products for application in the Australian water industry.

“When I go to trade shows, I look for innovative technology that is currently unavailable in Australia and that has an extensive case history overseas to demonstrate its effectiveness.  

“I look for products that are cost-effective or that we can adapt in-house to suit our Australian requirements. We want to offer clients state-of-the-art products that don’t cost a fortune to purchase and apply.

“Through trade shows we have been able to make a number of these products available to our clients including polymers and cementious products for a variety of water assets.

“Trade shows are undeniably an important part of what we do here at Hychem. We want to offer our clients the best and most up-to-date solutions that you can find anywhere in the world.”

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