October 24, 2016

Keeping on track with sports flooring

When it comes to sports flooring it is important to consider how the different properties and attributes of the chosen surface will impact the game being played on it . Whether you are building a new sporting facility or refurbishing an old one, choosing the right surface can help keep the people playing on it on track and safe.

A new solution for your sports flooring needs comes from floor coating specialist Hychem, who are releasing the complete range of Porplastic systems, suitable for flooring on mass facilities including in schools, and professional facilities .

Ludvik Kovacic, Managing Director at Hychem, said that Porplastic, with over 50 years of experience installing floors throughout mostly Europe and Asia, are a tried and tested manufacturer with over 20 million installed square meters around the world.

“We are excited to be able to offer clients this range of products here in Australia.  It is important to understand that sports flooring has become a science as injury prevention is extremely important.

“Systems need to provide just the right amount of shock absorption, grip and softness so that they help prevent injuries rather than contribute to injuries – this is often a real balance.

“Porplastic systems have been developed with this in mind and with our industry experience, Hychem are confident that will be providing the market with a premium range of proven products.

“We have dealt with Viacor and Porplastic for many years so we trust their technology and quality. Germany has such a great reputation for producing high quality products. “

Porplastic offers flooring solutions for a wide range of applications, including indoor and outdoor flooring solutions for gymnasiums, multipurpose sports halls for schools and universities, running tracks, and tennis courts to name a few. It also covers elastic surface options for playgrounds, and artificial turf.


PorplasticRACE has a number of elastic surface options available for indoor and outdoor requirements.

According to Mr Kovacic, the Porplastic PUR/rubber granule systems has shown excellent results in the European market for everyday and high-level competition purposes.

“Porplastic has been used in mass sports facilities, such as school sport facilities and halls, track fields, multipurpose playing fields, and tennis courts, as well as professional sports facilities used for national and international competitions.

“It has an excellent track record and can be installed for new facilities as well as renovating existing surfaces.”

System advantages

  • High UV and weather resistance
  • Maximum abrasion resistance and permanent elasticity
  • High degree of adjustable area elasticity and point elasticity
  • High spike resistance
  • Permanently bonds with base giving it a long life span
  • Covers a wide range of installation requirements
  • The jointless in-situ coatings have a long life protecting from risk of tripping
  • Points of damage can be seamlessly reworked and old coatings can be renewed simply by retopping
  • Can be customised to suit project requirements, including high-grip or non-slip, water-permeable or water-impermeable, variety of colours
  • Provides consistent sports conditions, the surfaces are usable within minutes after rain
  • Minimum care and maintenance requirements
  • DIN V 18035/6 coating type A, B, C, D and E, and IAAF-tested and certified


PorplasticINDOOR provides seamless and jointless elastic sports surfaces for indoor facilities.

Mr Kovacic said PorplasticINDOOR products have point elastic systems which absorb the shock of users movements helping to prevent injuries.

“This range offers a variety of basic and mixed elastic systems which are perfect for school facilities as well as areas subjected to heavy loads and balls sports.”

System advantages

  • Permanent elasticity and shock absorption
  • Seamless and smooth surfaces
  • UV-stable
  • Excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance
  • Extraordinary ball behavior
  • Customisable with a wide range of seamless colour combinations
  • Eco-friendly, low emission and flame resistant products
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Minimum care and maintenance requirements
  • DIN V 18032-2, EN 14904, and IHF approved


PorplasticFUN is a jointless surface for playgrounds to help keep them clean, safe and child friendly. Made from recycled rubber, this system is seamless and shock absorbent, helping to prevent accidents and protect children against injuries.

System benefits

  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Jointless installation
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Can be installed for undulating playscapes or level playing fields
  • Customisable colours and surface modelling
  • Fixtures and fittings are integrated into the surface without any joints or gaps
  • Water-permeable and weather-resistant
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Certified system for each height of fall from 1.30-3.30M
  • DIN EN 1177: 2008 certified


PorplasticGREEN offers a range of synthetic turf systems for sports fields, leisure or landscaping, and are designed to meet the demands of these uses.

System advantages

  • Good game characteristics all year round
  • Maximum usability and cost-efficiency
  • Minimum care and maintenance requirements
  • Long life and proven quality
  • Systems tested according to FIFA quality concept
  • Excellent sliding behaviour, shock absorption and ball roll behaviour
  • Utilisation of environmentally friendly materials
  • A range of textures and and structures available
  • DIN 18035-7:2014-10, type B/G tested
  • EN 153230-1:2013-12 tested

For more information on the Porplstic range contact Hychem on (02) 4646 1660 or visit www.porplastic.de.

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