June 8, 2016

Concrete coating in limited access areas

The Nyrstar metal processing facility located in Hobart (TAS) recently required a versatile coating solution for secondary containment of Hot Acid Leaching (HAL) Reactors. Not only did the coating require acute sulphuric acid resistance, it also had to be easy to apply as there was a confined space surrounding the bund.  

IMG_0476Levi Millar, General Manager at Polytech who applied the coating to the bunded area, said the space constraints around the bund meant the ease of application was the biggest priority when choosing the right concrete protection solution.

Ease of application

“The space between the bund and the reactor was very narrow, so we needed a solution that could be poured rather than trowel-applied and produce a self smoothing result.

“The space restrictions also meant that providing adequate ventilation for a high-odour or high VOC emitting coating would be a major challenge,” said Mr Millar.

A low VOC solution

Mr Millar recommended that the facility looked at installing Hychem’s Hycrete Polyurethane modified cement non-slip flooring system due to its user friendly application and excellent resistance in extreme chemical environments.

“Hychem’s Hycrete was an obvious choice as it is can be fast-cured and easily applied in comparison to other protective coating solutions.

IMG_0533“As Hycrete can be poured onto the surface, this removed the need for our applicators to battle with trowels to apply the coating onto difficult angled surfaces in hard to reach places.

“Fewer personnel were required to apply the Hycrete product, which was also a fantastic benefit in terms of the product’s application.

“The product also has a broad spectrum chemical resistance, and a similar coefficient of expansion as concrete.

“This coefficient of expansion is important for surface applications externally, and is also important for thermal shock. It prevents cracking and delamination when heat is suddenly applied, and also enables the product to withstand long term, high, cyclic heat.

Mr Millar said that as Hycrete systems have passed the Green Building Council of Australia tests for low VOC emissions, the need to organise site ventilation was eliminated.

“This made the job quicker and saved time and labour costs in comparison to alternative coating products,” said Mr Miller.

Customer supportIMG_0430

According to Mr Millar, technical support offered by Hychem during product choice and installation phases are fantastic.

“I have been working with Hychem for over 20 years as they are a very professional company and their knowledge and support in the industry is outstanding.

“Their experts are always available to offer on-the-ground advice from the design and specification stage right through the lifecycle of their products,” said Mr Millar.

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