June 8, 2016

Will PMMA revolutionise the future of Aussie concrete coatings?

Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) or PMMA as it is known throughout Europe and North America is the ultimate fast curing concrete waterproofing system on the market. Its uniquely adjustable rapid-curing technology and easy application make it ideal for applications in harsh & cold climates where other technologies are simply not suitable. As well as being impervious to liquids and resistant to chemical attack, PMMA’s are extremely durable and offer the added benefit of being UV stable. With PMMA now readily available in Australia, the question is – will it stick?

Ludvik Kovacic, Managing Director at Hychem is proud to announce their recent deal with Belgian manufacturer, Resiplast, to become the exclusive distributor of their Polyac PMMA systems in Australia.

“Our team did our research, and personally selected Resiplast due to their high quality products and proven reputation.

“I firmly believe that the success of PMMA in the European market will translate in Australian conditions, where our harsh climate and demand for fast-curing coatings are ever present,” said Mr Kovacic.

P1000252PMMA vs conventional membrane systems

According to Mr Kovacic, PMMA systems deliver a high performance, durable, crack-bridging trafficable membrane that is far superior to conventional membrane systems.

“PMMA was first developed in Europe and has been successfully used as an outdoor waterproofing system for rooftop carparks, bridge decks and terraced areas for many years.

“These systems are highly versatile and can be applied over a variety of surfaces including concrete, wood, asphalt, old bituminous membranes, steel surfaces and tiles.

“They can also be used as a flexible and crack-bridging coating system over unstable surfaces.

“PMMA based membranes are extremely fast curing and as a result, installed systems can be turned around within hours of installation.

“It is not unusual for a contractor to install a five-coat trafficable carpark system and return it to service within the same day or overnight.

“Having access to such a fast curing system helps eliminate concerns over poor weather and can provide substantial cost savings to clients through labour savings (one day rather than four or five day installations).

“Why close a bridge, rooftop or carpark for long periods when a system exists that can be turned around within six hours if necessary?

“In the construction industry time is money, so anything that can save time is advantageous. And what is best about the Resiplast Polyac PMMA is that quality is not compromised over cure speed.

“Unlike other fast curing systems such as spray-on Polyurethane or Polyureas, PMMA systems can be applied by either spray or hand (trowel and roller) therefore eliminating the risk of overspray and damage to other nearby surfaces where necessary.

“Unlike epoxies and polyurethanes, PMMA and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) coatings chemically bond extremely well to themselves without the need for aggressive mechanical preparation such as diamond grinding. This makes re-coating and maintenance fast and easy.

“PMMA membranes are completely seamless and once cured they are highly durable and resistant to heavy vehicular traffic, even at low temperatures.

“They are also UV resistant, colour stable and highly resistant to chemicals.

“It is exciting that Hychem can now offer these highly versatile and superior systems to our clients,” said Mr Kovacic.

De-bunking application myths

Mr Kovacic said that in the past, concerns regarding application, cure speed and odour levels had occasionally been raised by clients but these were easily overcome once Hychem were able to provide all the technical information about the product and its application.

“Contractors quickly realised that PMMA’s offer incredible application advantages over other products that are almost too good to be true. Our experience with PMMA’s has given us the ability to offer sound advice and support when recommending PMMA’s ” said Mr Kovacic.

P1000547Corrosion prevention

According to Mr Kovacic, the versatility of PMMA also allows for corrosion prevention of various assets be they concrete or steel.

“Corrosion of concrete and steel is always a potential problem – especially in the water and wastewater industries – and can be a very expensive problem if left unattended. PMMA systems will help protect concrete and steel from chemical attack, providing asset owners with extended service life of their buildings and structures,” said Mr Kovacic.

For more information on Hychem’s PMMA & MMA range of products, or if you require help with a specification or just need some advice, please contact Ludvik Kovacic on either T: 02 46446 1660 or M: 0419 606 129.

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