May 8, 2018

Finding Curly Flat’s flooring solution

Curly Flat Winery – located in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria – has been producing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at its on-site winery since 2002. When it was discovered that acid from the wine was corroding the floors in the production and crushing areas, Watertight Epoxy Floor Solutions was tasked with finding a protective coating that could meet all of the clients requirements.

Flooring specialist Watertight Epoxy was recommended to take on the Curly Flat Winery project due to the extensive work it carried out on a similar project for Yalumba wines in SA that demonstrated proven results.

The area to be coated at Curly Flat Winery was approximately 500 sq/m in total and included the main production and crushing areas. These areas were frequently exposed to caustic cleaning, wine acids, equipment being dropped, and heavy forklift and trolley jack traffic, which had caused it to corrode, making it unaesthetic as well as dangerous.

Watertight Epoxy Managing Director, Matthew Petersen, said the existing floor was in poor condition.

“When we inspected the current condition of the floor, we found that the acid from production had begun to eat into the concrete, causing it to break down,” Mr Petersen said.

Assessing environmental needs

With high exposure to acidity and impacts, the client specified four outcomes it wanted to achieve:

  1. Chemical resistance
  2. Impact resistance
  3. Safe and non-slip
  4. Aesthetically pleasing as customers were often guided through the production areas

On close deliberation, Mr Petersen decided on Hychem’s cement-based polyurethane system Hycrete to complete the job as it would fulfill all of the clients needs.

“We decided to use Hycrete SL 6mm as a base screed (placed using hand trowels and a graded pin rake), .9 -1.5mm bauxite non slip broadcast, and Hycrete TC roll coat,” Mr Peterson said.

“It also allowed multiple colour options. We decided on Dusty Grey to enhance the room aesthetic.”

Cement-based polyurethane

Polyurethane concrete flooring systems are ideal for floors enduring difficult service conditions, such as those found in wine production areas, as it is chemically resistant to acids, caustics, fats and cleaning solutions; impact and abrasion resistant; moisture tolerant; and has a range of anti-slip finishes.

Mr Petersen said Hycrete’s high-quality and reliability made it an easy decision.

“We have been using cement-based polyurethane in the wine and beverage industry for years because it’s simply the best product.”

Preparation is key

All perimeter edges were saw cut to create an anchor for the product as it contracts during its curing process, and all the floors were vacuumed clean prior to product application to ensure the product adhered to the surface properly.

“Preparation was the key for this project. All floors were ground using captive (vacuum) dry diamond grinders. All terminations and floor wastes etc were bevelled to 6mm to ensure full product thickness all the way to the edges,” Mr Petersen said.

The project took four days to complete and foot traffic was allowed the next day, meaning very little production time was lost.

Long-term results

Mr Petersen said the client was extremely happy with the results that Hychem’s Hycrete provided.

“It has been almost two years now and the floor is still performing to all expectations. We even did a job at another winery (Bannockburn) after the owner had visited Curly Flat and was impressed with the results.

“Not only does the high-quality of Hychem products give us that insurance that we can complete a job to the highest standards, but materials are always supplied on time and on budget.”

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