April 12, 2018

Potable water coating up to standard

Without an appropriate protective coating, water infrastructure can be subject to corrosion, rust and bacteria which can affect the longevity of the asset as well as  water quality. When coating potable water assets, it is important to select a coating that meets the requirements outlined in Australian Standard AS4020 regarding material that comes into contact with drinking water to ensure the water remains fit for consumption.

AS4020 requires that any material that comes in contact with drinking water does not impact it’s flavour or appearance, does not introduce harmful substances, and blocks significant microbiological growth.

Hychem’s TL5 coating is AS4020 potable water certified and can be used to protect potable water assets such as water tanks. TL5 has been proven to withstand long-term exposure to chemicals such as chloride and sulphate which are found in water and has a life expectancy of over 25 years.

Having been designed by Hychem specifically for the Australian water and wastewater industry, TL5 protects assets from the specific elements that threaten the integrity of water assets. Unlike two coat systems which can result in intercoat adhesion where high moisture/humidity can be problematic, this isn’t an issue with TL5 as it is a one coat solution.

Hychem TL5 complies with all industry specifications and can be applied directly on new and damaged concrete with a coverage of in excess of 6mm in one application.

It is also fast curing with assets able to return to service in as little as six to eight hours after the coating has been applied. It even bonds to damp concrete which means even less downtime as the asset doesn’t need to be completely dry in order to begin coating.

Colin Murphy, Product Manager for Hychem, said TL5 protects as well as rehabilitates.

“Not only can it prevent new assets from corrosion, it can also halt corrosion damage on an existing asset. This means the life of the asset is greatly extended, and the chance of failure and the need to rebuild is significantly reduced.”

A coating of a different kind

Not all coatings are suitable for potable water applications. Most coatings contain solvents or other toxins that can leach from the coating and alter the water, introducing chemicals that are harmful if consumed.

“It’s important to take this into consideration before selecting a coating,” Mr Murphy said.

“People’s health is at risk and long-term exposure can be dangerous. Our TL5 is not only AS4020 potable water certified, but also adheres to Sydney Water Standard Specification 204 and the Water Services Association of Australia’s manual for selection and application of protective coatings, WSA 201.

“We originally designed it in 1995 specifically for Melbourne Water, and it has been successfully used to coat water infrastructure since then, with little change to the coating. With TL5 you can be sure that your water assets will be provided the best resistance to corrosion while maintaining safe and consumable water.”

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