March 8, 2016

Not just a pretty face

Flooring aesthetics play a major role in the overall look and feel of a space, whether it be in a hospital hallway, a university building or childcare centre. However, to what degree are looks valued over functionality? Is it possible to find a solution that provides a quality solution for both?

Aesthetics vs functionality

According to Chris Bauer, flooring aesthetics are a major factor considered within the healthcare, education and retail sectors when selecting appropriate flooring.

“Many facilities, especially those involving children or healthcare want their rooms and entrances to be as inviting as possible, so decorative flooring solutions are often important,“ says Mr Bauer.

“However, the functionality and practicality of flooring should be a top priority, so a challenge lies in sourcing a well-rounded product that is also aesthetically pleasing.

“Apart from looking appealing, considerations such as abrasion and chemical resistance, softness underfoot and resistance to bacteria are major considerations.

“Until now, there hasn’t been a high quality solution that provides both good looks as well as excellent wear qualities but that is changing with advances in technology,” says Mr Bauer.  

Decorative flooring of the past

Vinyl has been commonly chosen as a decorative flooring solution as it can be manufactured in a range of colours and produced with a speckled texture. However, the truth about vinyl is that it is harmful to the environment, has poor wear resistance and is susceptible to peeling via its seams.

Conventional resin flooring, although seamless and generally hardwearing, must have glimmer or flakes manually applied to achieve a decorative finish. According to Mr Bauer, this method can result in an inconsistent finish, especially around walls and edges.

“Glimmer flakes must be manually applied to conventional resin solutions, therefore it is very difficult to achieve a consistent degree of texture across the surface.”

An unflawed solution

Hychem’s latest in flooring technology, the German-engineered Viacor Elastic SKY is providing the answer to Australia’s decorative flooring woes.

“Hychem Viacor Elastic SKY is a liquid applied, self-levelling resin solution available in a range of colours and textures.

“It has been chemically formulated to allow light-weight flakes to rise to the surface, providing a consistent dappled pattern across the entire surface, while also providing all of the hard-wearing benefits of a standard resin coating,” says Mr Bauer.

Added softness

For facilities such as childcare centres, the Hychem Viacor Elastic SKY has an additional sublayer than can be incorporated to achieve enhanced softness.


The product is trowel-applied and is seamless, removing any potential buildup of bacteria and eliminating the peeling effect of vinyl.


Hychem Viacor Elastic SKY has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance including resistance to the rising of damp. Because it is seamless, it is also very easy to clean.

Low emissions

Hychem Viacor Elastic SKY has low Volatile Organic Compound levels and complies with the German AgBB standard for VOC emissions.

One of a kind

According to Mr Bauer, Hychem Viacor Elastic SKY is the only product of its type on the Australian market.

“There are no other flooring solutions that provide the very best in resistance, hygiene and a long life while also being decorative and easy to install.

“It’s a game-changer for the flooring industry in Australia, and we already have a large number of projects in the pipeline
awaiting its installation.”

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