May 7, 2012

Ultra-high heat resistant HYCHEM HYCRETE installed throughout over 3500m2 at the new Gold Coast University Hospital project

Modern day commercial kitchens in high-use environments demand a lot of a flooring surface. Ultra-high heat, fats and oils and abrasive wear and tear are just a few of the major issues that break down floor coverings, which in time expose the unhygienic concrete floor. At the recent Gold Coast University project, HYCRETE has been installed at a thickness of 9mm which has a proven resistance to 130°C temperatures, as well as superior abrasion resistance compared to most conventional floor toppings.

Water-based, environmentally-friendly HYCHEM SF25 was the ideal solution for the 10,000m2 back-of-house areas throughout the hospital due to the necessity for a low-odour, low-VOC, yet hard-wearing coating.

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