March 17, 2017

Why go local for coating solutions?

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world and has a wide range of climatic zones from tropical, desert, cool temperate and snow. Selecting Australian manufactured construction resins has the advantage of products being designed specifically to suit the country’s varying conditions.

This is important as climate can affect the application process of epoxies and other coatings as well as the properties of the finished coating. For example in hot climates, UV exposure can cause discolouration, and in cold temperatures application can be more difficult and the curing process can be affected, leading to failure of the coating system.

Colin Murphy, Product Manager at Hychem, said, “Selecting an Australian manufactured product can help mitigate the effect varying temperatures have in Australia and will ensure the coating will be long-lasting. Our products are formulated specifically for the different climatic conditions across Australia, and have consistent performance in temperatures ranging from 10°C to 40°C.”

Support and knowledge

Buying Australian manufactured products has the advantage of being able to easily access excellent customer and technical support. Product experts can provide on-the-ground advice from the design and specification stage, through to the lifecycle of the product, with support only a phone call away. Also, if a product expert is required on site, this can happen within a relatively short period of time.

This kind of support is more difficult when using products manufactured overseas. Depending on the time difference, support can be delayed for up to 24 hours and on site support may not be feasible if someone needs to be flown out to visit the project site from overseas.

Product supply, delivery and cost

Supply, delivery time and cost of products are also reflective of where they are manufactured.

“Australian manufactured products have the benefit of being able to be produced on demand. For example, Hychem will soon be distributing a range of products from overseas for the water industry that will be manufactured under licence locally, including a Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC) and a next generation geopolymer,” Mr Murphy said.

“These products are often used for projects with large diameter pipes, which require a high volume of product, making it impractical in the long-term to import. They also have a limited shelf life so companies cannot keep large quantities sitting around, waiting to be purchased.

“By manufacturing it on demand here in Australia we are able to supply projects quickly with the amount of product they require, as they require it. The product remains fresh and if more is needed mid-way through a project, costly downtime is reduced.”

Products manufactured overseas involve extra time and delivery costs based on the product and project location.

International shipping is more expensive than local shipping and there are additional factors that need to be considered such as customs which can increase costs and time.

High quality and safety standards

Australia prides itself on maintaining high safety and quality standards across all sectors, including coating solutions.

According to Standards Australia, standards set out specifications, procedures and guidelines and are designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistent. Standards are based on industrial, scientific and consumer experience, and are regularly reviewed to ensure they are up to date with new technologies.

Australian standards cover everything from consumer products and services, construction, engineering, business, information technology, human services to energy and water utilities, the environment and much more.

Standards that are adopted in Australia include international, regional and national standards.

Mr Murphy said products that are manufactured in Australia meet national standards and will ensure that the product is of high quality and meets safety requirements.

“Different projects have different standards and selecting a locally manufactured product can help you meet these requirements.

“For flooring, some standards to be aware of are Food Standards Australia’s OH/S Food Premises and Equipment 3.2.3 Standard, AS/NZS Slip Resistance Standard, and HACCP Standards.

“There are a number of standards in the water and wastewater industry that are outlined in various AS and AS/NZS publications such as AS4020 water potable certification. However, there are also some slight variations between states, councils and water authorities, including state EPA and Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) which need to be considered in conjunction with relevant Australian and International Standards.”

The Hychem advantage

Hychem has been formulating and manufacturing high-quality products in Australia for 30 years. Since then, its range of construction resins has grown significantly and now includes carefully selected specialist imported products from Europe for concrete flooring, sports and recreation areas, and for infrastructure including bridges and roads. Hychem’s manufacturing experience allows it to identify and select the best products to import that will be suitable for Australian conditions. Staff are on hand to provide expert advice on both locally manufactured and imported construction resins.

For more information on Australian made Hychem products, please call (02) 4646 1660.

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